AIGA has assisted many student-athletes from across the Mainland United States, Hawai’i, and American Samoa in the sport of football. Many of the our staff and members are former professional and collegiate student-athletes who have built a strong network with existing college coaches and institutions. Although our staff has proficient knowledge in the football recruiting game, we have developed networks with other sports and coaches and are now looking to expand our reach to other sports.

AIGA understands the importance of academics and the role it plays in future employment and business opportunities. AIGA is here to bridge the gap to opportunity for student-athletes who are willing to work hard for it. Stay tuned for an AIGA event near you.

The AIGA Foundation originated from several local athletes from Carson, Ca. They believed they could make a difference in their local community by mentoring student-athletes.

To date, thousands of student-athletes have attended AIGA events and have gone on to compete at the college level.

The name ‘aiga, which means family in the Samoan language, is the type of atmosphere we wanted to create thru the programs and events that we organize.